#Sustainable last mile transportation

Hello everyone:

Hope everybody is tuned with the latest technologies on what #sustainable means…specially in my arena which is #transportation #logistics & #supplychain.

Let me share with you this story that is amazing and it is shocking at the same time…Last week I assited to a dinner that was about to show all the crowd how amazing the projects of mobility in the cities are about…there was also something very interesting because the venue was inside a great Mexico’s City’s museum, therefore there was this great art demonstration with pictures of real life mobility…

I will share with you a picture of what is the next generation of how cargo is moving (and in my view it will be the option in some busy cities) inside the cities in some of the busiest cities around the world…That is called last mile transportation….

The last mile transportation / distribution, is when the freight already moved thousands of miles / kilometers through a big mode of transportation e.g. railroad, just to hit the city and then (potentially) being transferred to another mode (equipment) that will make the final delivery…

Hope you enjoy it…

All the best, Saul Romero Blake

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2 thoughts on “#Sustainable last mile transportation

  1. One of the main reasons that companies continue to contract with 3PL providers is that, because logistics isn’t one of their core competencies, they feel incapable of performing logistics. Nothing could be further from the truth. Whether your company needs local shipping-solutions that transport your products directly to retailers, multi-state shipping solutions that transport unfinished products to multiple assembly locations before transporting them to retailers, or global shipping solutions that combine multiple forms of transportation, the easy to use, customizable interface of logistics software allows management to identify and enact the ideal transportation methods.

    • You are right on the money…thanks for your valuable input!

      Come and visit us frequently…

      Have a great next week!

      Saul Romero Blake.

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