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Peru it’s been very actively opening it’s doors to the International Trade community. Since it is a great producer of commodities, I am very impressed to see the eagerness in it’s people, to prepare themselves to compete with their supply chains and internaitonal logistics.

This is to my very good friends @ Peru!! Thank you for having me there. It was fun to have you trained, thank you for hosting me!!

Look forward to see you there soon!

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2 thoughts on “#Peru #Training

  1. Saul,
    Thank you very much for all the knowledge you shared with us.
    We learned many new things with all your international trading experiences.

    You´re very welcome to Peru and hope to meet you sometime and still learning from your business experiences.


    • Karen, awesome to meet you…Thank you for all your support…I have good news for you…I’ll be back!!

      I will be at Perú early March 2011

      Look forward to meet you there!

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