Este post…es solamente para agradecerles a todos los que asistieron al curso de Liderazgo en #Logística que nuestro Director Saúl Romero Blake impartió en El Salvador. También queremos agradecer a las personas que se tomaron el tiempo en reconocernos y reconocer el contenido del curso. Gracias a Luisa Ruano por su testimonial en video! Gracias […]

Encuentro Transporte y Logística Bajío T21

Estimad@s amig@s: Si quieren en verdad saber que está pasando en el #Bajío en cuanto a #Logística y #Transporte se refiere, es importante que asistan al 110. Foro de #Transporte y #Logística organizado por la revista T21 Les recuerdo que estaré en la mesa 6 hablando de cómo hacer sinergias en #Logísitica y #Transporte para lograr […]

Sustainable Logistics Program

To all the Queretaro Group: Thank you very much for letting me share will all of you…the insights, do’s & don’t’s of how to operate Sustainable International Logistics I am grateful that the two day seminar was a very helpful one and that will be valuable to your personal and professional life. Let’s keep in […]

International #Logistics#Training#Guatemala

Dear friends from Guatemala, fisrt of all i would like to thnk you for the time, the interest and the hospitality…I look forward to see you again soon! Thank you to all my new friends! Anthony Swana Alba Ucelo Beatriz Véliz Bernardo Carrara Carlos Briones Carlos Maldonado Felipe Buendía Jaime Morales Jessica Mayén Jose Luis […]

#Logistics Training

Hello everyone…I just want to make sure that everyone is aware of the training material and modules that we have. You can chek it out and send us an e-mail requesting you ad-hoc training course and / or the ones that we are offering on a monthly basis. http://www.seedslg.com/?q=en/trainingcertifications Thank you for your support and […]

#Peru #Training

Peru it’s been very actively opening it’s doors to the International Trade community. Since it is a great producer of commodities, I am very impressed to see the eagerness in it’s people, to prepare themselves to compete with their supply chains and internaitonal logistics. This is to my very good friends @ Peru!! Thank you […]

Detroit & Mexico #SupplyChain Speech

I just want to thank you and share this great photo of  my presentation about improving & leveraging the relationship between Mexico and Detroit. There is a lot in common, since there are a lot of auto suppliers that have invested in Mexico to supply the OEM in Detroit…