#Export Competitiveness

What is the role of quality in the #export competitiveness?

The ITC along with the ISO came up with these variables that in my view are essential to start selling and or buying abroad:

-Product development. The emphasis is on faster, more systematic quality processes to develop new products that meet rapidly changing global market requirements and customer preferences.

-Supply and purchasing. Organizations require productive partnerships with suppliers, including outsourcing partnerships in other countries, to take advantage of the globalization of the supply chain.

-Training and human resources development. Employees must be given quality tools, processes and support to enable them to continuously improve the business and its products.

-Economics of quality. The costs of achieving customer satisfaction while absorbing the economic pressures of globalization must be systematically measured and managed

-Hands-on management. Managers must take a strong, strategic and hands-on approach to continuous management of innovation based on quality.

Therefore there is a need that the productioons @ origin must be market driven, in volume and in quality.

The ITC recommneds that a:

– Comprehensive and up-to-date information on mandatory or “ voluntary ” technical requirements, either clearly specified in standards, or demanded by the market

-Capacity building and advisory services to assist in product design and development, international purchasing and supply chain management, quality management including costs, and innovation.

-Prompt and cost-effective conformity assessment services to provide evidence that products conform to requirements, whether mandatory or “ voluntary ”.

It is worth to mention that a tailor made #supplychain strategy will as well create better and #sustainable supply chains, therefore supporting the seller efforts in the long run.

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