7 Billion People? What About the SupplyChains?


Today I am sharing with you two great news in terms of creating sustainable supplychains !

Our company Seeds Linking Group was named part of the http://www.7billionactions.org/organizations, which is a UN initiative to eliminate povery and hunger in this new shaped world with 7 billion inhabitants.

I want to sahre with you that we are factually creating #sustainable, #supplychains & #logistics in various parts of the world. Today I am talking about our recent project with the WTO (World TRade Organization) in Zambia Africa.

I was in Zambia the past month and most of you would ask: What the heck is in Zambia?…well is the same question I asked myself before going…after coming back home, I realizad that the Mother nature is a blessing, since the local producers of varios agricultural products are putting the seeds with no or little water on top…and after a couple of months they are developing a tubers (for human and industrial cinsumption) that is called Cassava (similar to the potatoe).

Long story short…how to identify or create a sustainable, supply chain & logistics when there are no resources at all?

It is a shame that the local producers (the majority of them, women) harvesting their products and walking 7 miles to hit the closest roads to have their products transported to the local markets! How to create a sustainable, supplychain & logistics with this conditions?

I think we have part of the answer…during my trip we noticed that there is a huge export market and price difference between the local market vs. the export one…in consequence the it all begins with the demand (it sounded pretty obvious…but being there wasn’t!)…so it is export driven demand that at the end will cretae the rules and forces of the logistics of these products.

At the end we are still working to make the local Zambian producers (women) & products to hit the global markets…

Stay tuned for the progress on this…

Have a great week!

Saul Romero Blake

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