5 Countries 1 Trading Block


Today I would like to share with you the great news for the Central American Countries that started to sign Free Trade Agreements as a Block.

Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica just finished to integrate their countries and economies into one trading block called SICA or SIECA. Economical Integration System of Central America.

Mexico just signed the Free Trade Agreement with this Trading Block and there are other countries that will follow. This is very attracive, because it wil have just one point communication betwwen the 5 Central American Countries and it’s trading partners.

What does this mena for the Supply Chain & Logistics to and from Central America? This is great news since the origin of the goods will be easier to identify, process & execute.

Congratulations to the SIECA, Mexico and the European Union.

For my company Seeds Linking Group…we still look forward to help companies inside and outside the block to have better and sustainable supply chains & logistics strategies…

Stay Tuned for more to come…have a great week!

Saul Romero Blake

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