#Export Led Poverty Reduction

Hello all:

Today I would like to share with you a program that our partner in Geneva has and it’s been really successfull amongst the participating developing countries.

It is called the Export-Led-Poverty Reduction Program. It is very interesting how the ITC along with some of the export development organizations in ecah county, find exportable supplies and or products that will at the end local products to be inserted in the global economy.

Some of the results can be find on this link: http://www.intracen.org/poverty-reduction/en/Achievements_2009.htm

For example how to identify people and products that are suitable for the global market? In the previous link you will find an Ethiopian case about finding, developing and certifiying ethipina coffee.

In our case, we are working also on the demand chain side, to make sure that the producers understand the high demands and product compliance that the local and or internaional buyers are imposing to the products at origing as well while they are moving.

There are many more expamles…for me it is nothing but a way of making a difference in bringing people in need but also helping them to achieve #sustainable #supplychains focused on export building capacity.

Hope you like it…see you soon!

Saul Romero Blake.

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