#Imports vs. Local Supplier Development

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I am happy also to share with you that we we were selected to work along with the WTO in mapping value chains (domestic) in some of the caribbean countries, since there is a tremendous opportunity to boost their production and food processing sector, hence generating opportunities for local producers, distributors & growers of domestic sales.

What is value chain?

Value Chain is nothing but a proof that there are many interdependent activities that are perfomed separately. When this activities are coordinated and have a systemic approach that reveals connections and value interdependence…we say that we have or that we found some value on the processes, that we do or have in any given industry / product.

*From a policy perspective, value chains are increasingly utilized to address two key issues in business development and trade promotion: (ITC)

1-How to mobilize, and work with, the private sector to promote development, reduce poverty, and shift from supplyside to demand-side interventions.

2-How to support the productive activities of small producers and marginalized populations in the context of globalization.

We have the challenge in this project, to demonstrate to the buyers of the products (fruits and vegetables) that they are able to find and develop qualified suppliers in the same country, therefore; imports might be able to slow down up to the point of 100% switch to local purchasing.

The latter means that we should be able not just to map the value chains, but also to create a model of #sustainable value and supply chains that they (sellers & buyers) will be able to execute in the short and long term, including also, meeting the product compliance from the buyers side.

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