From the Farm to the Table #SupplyChain

Dear all:

I am very happy to share with all, that seeds linking group, (www.seedslg.com, our company) was chosen by the ITC (WTO / UN agency) to start a project in Jamaica, that involves the production of vegetables, fruits, that the country of Jamaica is producing.

The challenge comes here:  The Jamaican buyers (consumers/companies) are importing the products from overseas in great quantities, in consequence they are buying in very small quantities from the local producers due to several factors…one of them is, the product compliance and the other is #supplychain compliance.

That is the reason that we are here…we are so excited to collaborate with the ITC in this endeavor, we are very sensitive that this project will bring the local prodcucers a better quality of life by incresing their total sales, through the improvement of the way the package, label, store & transport their products, to comply with the buyers specifications.

We will give you some updates as we move forward…please stay tuned & if you feel that you can contibute with something to this project, please let me know…

Glad to see you here again!

Saul Romero Blake.


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