Sustainable Transportation Corridors

Hello all:

Today I would like to show a proof that the Puiblic Private Partnership between a Rail Company, Federal & State governmets really works toward making sustainable projects a reality…

This project is aiming to connect the US East Coast with the consumption marktes in the US Mid-West states and cities.

According to the rail company who benefits?

-Rail Customers due to cutting transit time days
-Asset based companies hitting east ports and access the US Heartland, as well as tuckers and Intermodal companies loading their equipments onto rail
-Port of Virginia since improvement of In-Land conncetivity
-Inland communities since the reation of Intermodal Terminals to serve the final distribution markets.
-The general public…by taking trucks off congested highways

In the next video you are able to see how this works…

There are some other susutainable transportation corridors benefiting the environment but also your company, who is looking for ways to create efficiency, sustainability and profitable supply chains.

Hope you enjoy it!

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