#Automotive and a new #Logistics Map in Mexico

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This is a good time to write this post…since the «Mexico Moment» on the #Automotive and very soon on the #OilnGas Industry, will show and proof that it can make a difference in the country´s economic, logistics &  labor outlook.

Today we are seeing a #logistics map & services being shaped in a different way that it was 5 or even 2 years ago.

5 or 2 years ago Mexico didn´t have the recent OEM & Tier 1 investments already made, plus the ones in the pipeline awaiting to be built in state of the art #Logistics parks such as Logisti-k in San Luis Potosi that will host the brand new BMW plant.

On the other hand, the Toyota announcement that they are still looking for a place to install a new plant in Mexico, amid the 100 million dollar investment made in the Mazda plant, reveals the strong policy made by the Ministry of Economy that the OEM´s must have installed capacity to produce 100k vehicles per year in Mexico, to maintain the benefits that this Ministry is giving to their whole supply chain and value chain of imports and exports.

The raw materials NAFTA and non NAFTA content will increase in volumes and demand, inbound into Mexico, as well as the outbound finished vehicles exporting to NAFTA and non-NAFTA regions. This is posing challenging logistics solutions that will shape a different geography of terminals, hubs and more importantly…services.

As you can see in this map (missing the BMW plant & and KIA in Monterrey, due to recent announcements), the #Automotive Industry is more focused on the Central-West, Northern and Puebla y Estado de México States of Mexico, due to the pre-established supplier, skilled workers and #logistics services available.

In my view this is a new #logistics map, not just a light weight vehicle map. This map, also will have to consider & match the new incoming investments in the #Oil n Gas Industry to meet the customer´s needs and to keep up with their logistics requirements. That I will be touching in my next blog post.

Looking forward to see you all in the Mexico #Automotive Summit on Sep 30th. in Mexico City,

Have a great weekend!

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