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I really want to thank you to the Tec of Monterrey campus Queretaro & the alumni of International Business, specially Diego Varela, his team & Martha Guzman & team,  for the invitation to talk about these two topics that I love…#transportation & #equipment

What is transportation?…for me? it´s the consequence of trade, whether it is local or international…if you don´t have trade between companies there will be no transportation.

The two things boils down to how to achieve an on time, on cost & damage free transportation between countries and companies.

Transportation will always be related to equipment…whether you move a wind turbine or a palletized product, it is necessary to plan beforehand how is it that you are going to be moving this stuff!!…it´s also important to think about the empties (by the way, not taken into account the majority of times).

In both products the planning on the equipment is essential to achieve not just an on time, on cost & damage free shipment, but also the international regulations of this said equipment.

For instance, do you know if the mexican trailers boxes can ride on Central American highways? or the Central American made tractors that are pulling the trailer can ride on mexican highways?. Whether you know the answer now or not , you will need to find this out to plan an excellent transportation execution taking into consideration the international regulations of equipment.

It´s important also to talk about cabotage and how this is related to products, equipment and transportation…I will be addressing this tomorrow during my speech…

Thank you again for the invitation and I look forward to have great time with all that will be attending!

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