Global Export Model Contracts!!

I want to take this time to really THANK EVERY PERSON that stops by…read and give me some feedback about the content!! Thak you again!! Today I would like to talk about a great tool just published by our partners in Geneva that is helping SME’s, which in some cases account for more of the […]

#Sustainable last mile transportation

Hello everyone: Hope everybody is tuned with the latest technologies on what #sustainable means…specially in my arena which is #transportation #logistics & #supplychain. Let me share with you this story that is amazing and it is shocking at the same time…Last week I assited to a dinner that was about to show all the crowd […]

#Healthier Supply Chain?

Hello all: I would like to recommend you this article posted in the Material Handling Magazine. Is there a way to create sustainable and healthier supply chains? Please read what is Wal-Mart aiming to do by 2015….Interesting! – – – – – – – – Article: Retail giant Walmart has launched an effort, with the […]

#Export Led Poverty Reduction

Hello all: Today I would like to share with you a program that our partner in Geneva has and it’s been really successfull amongst the participating developing countries. It is called the Export-Led-Poverty Reduction Program. It is very interesting how the ITC along with some of the export development organizations in ecah county, find exportable […]

#Imports vs. Local Supplier Development

Hello everyone! I am happy also to share with you that we we were selected to work along with the WTO in mapping value chains (domestic) in some of the caribbean countries, since there is a tremendous opportunity to boost their production and food processing sector, hence generating opportunities for local producers, distributors & growers […]

Where to go? #3PL vs #4PL? Is it the same?

Hi, hope Janaury 2011 it has been great for everybody! I want to share with you some decison making information as to why and where to contract a 3PL vs a 4PL…Here we go! As you know there are 3PL & 4PL in the #SupplyChain & #Logistics arena. Are they different? or is this another […]

#Export Competitiveness

What is the role of quality in the #export competitiveness? The ITC along with the ISO came up with these variables that in my view are essential to start selling and or buying abroad: -Product development. The emphasis is on faster, more systematic quality processes to develop new products that meet rapidly changing global market […]

#Market Access

I want to share with you a great document from our partners of the ITC in Geneva Switzerland. This joint publication (ITC, WTO, UNCTAD) provides information on market access (tariffs imposed on imports and analysis of the market access conditions in exports). It offers both summary tables and country-by-country breakdowns, with one page devoted to each country. Hope you […]

1.5 musd #SupplyChain Savings

We are very happy to announce that we finished a Auto related project. After 9 moths we worked on it’s processes and in all the way they were consolidating and purchasing at origin. The outcome was $1.5musd in savings per year. Thank you to my team and to our customer for letting us help you […]
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